Saturday, June 20, 2020

Father's Day

Father's Day is the day we switch gears from spring to summer in many departments in the store. Many of our key people, including our managers, work on weekends most of the year, including holidays. They all manage to find that all-important time to bond with their families. Here are some of the dads with their kids. Happy Father's Day to all of you!

Brian and Matt take a break during our filming of commercials last winter
Brian and son Matthew

Tim poses with sons Nick and Timothy

Joe with his wife, Raina, and daughter Stella, will be at the State Fairgrounds this weekend with their pig. 

John with daughters Madelyn and Meredith

John with Brittany, Tyler, and Ashley

Carter with his dad, Don

Don with daughter Nicole

Matt with Leah and Aiden

Mike with Thomas and Michele

Matt with daughter Evelyn and wife Audrey

Andy with sons Jackson and Mason

Enjoy your Father's Day! We all love and appreciate everything our dads do for us every day.