Sunday, March 13, 2011

Filming Commercials at Valley View Farms

Whew! We just finished a week of filming twenty of our spring commercials at Valley View Farms. Our friends from WBAL TV spent the entire time checking lights, audio, all of our beautiful garden settings and our on-air "talent" while they rolled camera filming our thirty second spots.

Don and the crew from WBAL TV make sure the lighting and set are ready

So many people from Valley View Farms kicked in to make this year a success. Thanks to Andy, Matt, Andy, Jan, Suzanne, Mary Beth, Bonnie, John, Carlton, Brian and our adman Dick.

Suzanne is waiting for the "action" signal

And, thanks to our co-workers and customers who were so patient and "quiet on the set". Don, Jen, Sean, Dave, Steve, the three Mikes, Mark, Adam, Amy, Josh and all the folks at WBAL; thanks for making us look good. Stay tuned to WBAL all spring to see the results.
Dogs and bunnies steal the show