Friday, May 29, 2015

Memorable May

Whew, what a month! The first two weeks of May were the busiest I remember working in over 40 years of retailing plants! Mothers' Day week is traditionally our busiest of the year, and 2015 did not disappoint. Thank you to our own growers and to those others who grew and supplied so many beautiful trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials. Water garden plants, tropical and vegetable plants have been as pretty as we've ever seen.

This spring has been interesting. We decided to stop selling and using a whole class of pesticides to help strengthen the pollinating bees, birds and butterflies in our area. Our customers were understanding and grateful to find safe alternatives.
We gave away 4,000 packets of sunflower seeds for the Great Sunflower Project to get kids to plant for the bees.

We have a core group of terrific employees, many whose service to Valley View Farms numbers in the decades. They did a terrific job of getting our new seasonal employees ready for spring. We were very pleased with our group of seasonal workers this year and hope to see many again in the fall and/or next spring.
Two veterans---Mark waters the ramp bed while Earl puts away shopping carts

Thank you to everyone who worked long shifts, changed their schedules to accommodate business and did everything possible to keep our products available, healthy and ready for our customers' homes.

And, last but certainly not least, thanks to all of our customers who came out day after day to purchase products, ask questions and, most of all, trust us to deliver quality merchandise and advice.
We enjoyed seeing our 'regulars' and meeting new customers all season.
Checking out our herb selection
Sally and her favorite rake

This family of 4 (there is a little guy hiding behind Dad) chooses their plants ---Hey, there's Mark again!
We are still growing fresh plants and receiving goods from area growers and suppliers. We are in no way finished with the season. Our year-round location will continue to strive to be the best garden center ever, thanks to all of the aforementioned people. We've come a long way.

Where it all began.

Have a great summer! See you soon.