Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Plants of the Year

The National Garden Bureau has declared the tomato and zinnia as 2011's vegetable and flower of the year.

Profusion Zinnias
 Both plants are very popular here at Valley View Farms. Our farm's greenhouse staff is growing 39 varieties of tomatoes this year from the diminutive Tiny Tim to the huge Beefsteak varieties.

Young Beefsteak Tomato Seedlings

Check out our website and click on each tomato variety to learn more about each plant's fruit size, disease resistance, days to harvest, and whether or not it is an heirloom variety or good for container gardening.

Our growers John and Vernon will also be starting several varieties of zinnias, including beautiful Dreamland Ivory, Red, Rose, Scarlet and Yellow. The farm will be seeding Profusion Cherry, Fire and Yellow varieties for late May and June gardens and planters too. Profusions are great in the garden, providing tons of color and are easy to grow. Or start your own seeds; we have over 50 varieties in the seed aisle to get things going.

Zinnia Seeds Galore