Friday, November 21, 2014


Many posts on facebook and other social media sites have talked about gratitude. In keeping with the Thanksgiving season, here are some things that we appreciate about our workplace. Excuse me if it sounds like we have a bit of a bias towards our place.
Aerial view of our store in Cockeysville/Hunt Valley
Our Cockeysville location has been home for over 52 years. And what a great location it is! We've grown with the neighborhood to a fun-filled holiday destination and the place to procure gardening plants and supplies.

Valley View Farms 1st opened on Friday, April 13th, 1962

Our original owners, brothers Bill and Punkey Foard, were daily fixtures at the store. We are indebted to their vision of  a successful business. Today, Billy and son Andy keep that vision alive.

Billy and Andy Foard during our annual WBAL broadcast. 

We're lucky to have managers who have grown up with the business. Most started while still in high school and have been here for close to 40 years.

Our coworkers bring great attitudes and passion for the jobs they perform day-to-day. Our work- family keeps our jobs fun.
Here are a few of our co-workers

The Foard family once grew corn, tomatoes and other crops at their farm. Today, the farm has 12 greenhouses and a large mum field. We're grateful to be able to grow our spring flowers, vegetable plants, mums and poinsettias on the property. We are then able to ship plants to the store every day when needed.
Poinsettias ship from our own greenhouses

Our talented and creative team of designers and decorators display merchandise beautifully, giving our customers inspiration.and wonderful ideas.

Thanks to our suppliers, we are able to provide good quality merchandise during all seasons. In addition to our own grower, our region has true plant professionals that ship plants to our store weekly or more often if needed. Many have become good friends as well as business associates.
Hillcrest Nursery has grown our herbs and many other plants for many years

Our customers are the BEST in the world. We thank YOU most of all for your years of patronage.

 Happy Thanksgiving!