Sunday, September 29, 2013


It happens every year. Andy and Matt make their annual trek "up the river" to find the Great Pumpkin. Andy's dad, Billy, heads out a week or two later also in search of the Great Pumpkin. All of the super-huge pumpkins will be put on display here at Valley View Farms on Wednesday, October 9th at 10:00 am.

Brian and son Matthew watch as "the Moose" is unloaded

It's not easy to get these behemoths onto our stage at our store. A forklift, one or two pumpkin slings and several strong men move the large orange and sometimes gray orbs into position. For the next several weeks, the huge pumpkins will remain on display for all to see, touch and imagine growing in their own gardens.
Three giant pumpkins on last year's stage

Matthew is impressed with 'The Moose"
Families love to use the pumpkins as their background for photos

We've had a contest for years where folks can guess how many seeds are in the largest of the pumpkins.  Tom Tasselmeyer, of WBAL weather fame, has graciously counted the seeds, with some help from his family, for years. He'll be here on November 2 at 1 o'clock to do the honors once again. First correct (or closest) guess wins a $300.00 gift card to Valley View Farms. Second and third place win $200.00 and $100.00 gift cards.

Tom Tasselmeyer and his family have counted the seeds for us year after year
 It's Donna's job to go through the books to find the winners.
Though not with Price Waterhouse, Donna sorts through the book to find the winners
Last entries before the pumpkin is opened up
Our gigantic pumpkins have been record-breakers at times, sometimes even being the largest the world has seen. Can you imagine pumpkins heavier than 1500 pounds? You don't have to. Come on out, bring you camera and enjoy the uniqueness of the these incredible pumpkins. They will be on display beginning October 9th at 10 am.
Guess this whale-of a pumpkin's weight!

Scott helps to harvest the seed to send back to the grower to grow next year's giant pumpkin

The demolition team of Matt, Andy and Tim use power tools to cut open the BIG pumpkins