Friday, March 13, 2020

Spring Excitement, Houseplant Happening!

Spring is now days away, beginning March 19. Our customers are ready for it. Our store, greenhouse, nursery lot, statuary area, perennials, and pottery area are filling up fast.St. Patrick's Day is an important date for vegetable gardeners; it means its time to plant potatoes, onion sets and peas. What a great time of year, filled with anticipation and excitement for planting! Our friend, Martin Gottlieb, from Smart Pots, will be hosting a class on Vegetable Gardening at 10:30 Saturday. Marty has proven to be one of our most popular presenters.

In the meantime, houseplant interest has gone through the roof! Our Houseplant Extravaganza event on Saturday hopes to address the current houseplant craze. People have learned that all plants have healthy side effects for we humans. Plants help us mentally and physiologically in ways that we learn more about each and every day. To that end, our event hopes to give attendees the means to care for houseplants, including them in wellness strategies in their homes and workplaces.

On March 14, we will host a Houseplant Extravaganza! From 9 am until 4 pm, our greenhouse will be bustling with activities highlighting various seminars and events. Here is our schedule for the day.

7 am Doors open, allowing browsers and those interested to mingle among the plants at their leisure

9 am Jen leads a class that will mount Staghorn Ferns on plaques for display on a wall in their homes

10 am Cynthia's seminar will identify the Top 10 Easy Plants for the Beginner
Cynthia loves the White Bird of Paradise

11 am The days' highlight, our annual Hip Houseplant Revue takes place. Our own stylist, Cindi, will pair plants and pottery together to take the center runway in our greenhouse. Valley View Farms' staff, and our guests, will showcase various plants while Eric waxes poetic about each plant, describing its assets and care. Houseplant stylist and influencer Hilton Carter joins us as well and will be available after the show, along with our staff, to answer questions.  This event has been lots of fun for us and for our guests.


Eric goes over care and feeding of plants

Special transport vehicles available

Our customers walk the runway too

Cindi and Andrew about to walk the runway

Where's the red carpet?

12 pm We'll gather to continue to converse about the availability of houseplants, talk to guests about the spring season, soon-to-arrive tropicals, annuals, perennials and much more. Guest Hilton Carter, as well as our own plant influencers on staff, will all be on hand to answer questions.

1 pm Make a Fishbowl Terrarium with some guidance from us. Choose 3 plants; layer stone, charcoal and, soil, then put it all together in a fishbowl. The terrarium project starts at $25.

2 pm Epiphytes include many orchids, ferns, and bromeliads. Our class today hopes to engage more interest in this fascinating group of plants.

3 pm Houseplant Q & A rounds-up the day's activities, providing a forum for everyone to share information about houseplants (and other plants).

All Day
 Adopt a Plant: Choose a plant, container and help us in repotting. Take care instructions home, allow us to take your photo together and have a record of your new plant companion.

Plant Clinic: Have some challenges with your current houseplants? Bring them in for a diagnosis and care plan. Our experts will be here to help.

Please review our Revue by taking a moment to reach out to us on facebook, our website or in-person to help us plan additional fun events centered around plants and gardening. We look forward to seeing you this weekend.

Thank you to  Fox Farm, Dramm, Espoma, Al and Sandy Hammer, Ellyn Feldman and all of the people who helped us put the event together.