Wednesday, February 1, 2012


A few weeks ago, we mentioned that the time to get seeds is early in the season to get the best selection. Well, the time is NOW!

You can't believe the number of seeds that Donna Steele has organized and placed in our seed racks. And, not surprisingly, many gardeners have already been in to take a look at the tremendous variety offered.

Vegetable Seeds Galore 

Close to 60 sunflowers, more lettuces than one can imagine, Asian vegetables and organic and heirloom seeds fill two aisles. We love that Donna arranges them in alphabetical order by the type of seeds. That way, all of the tomato seeds are in one area and we can compare the offerings from Ferry Morse, Burpee, Renee's Garden, Botanical Interests, Livingston, Lake Valley, Baker Creek and Meyer seed companies.
A Small Section of our Seed Aisles

Brian, our garden shop manager and buyer, has brought in excellent seed starting potting mixes, heating mats, starting trays, mini greenhouses, grow lights and peat pots in many sizes. We even spied some live moss and mushroom kits.

Everything for Starting Seeds

We have seed starting seminars scheduled during the winter months; check our website for a list of events. So, it's ready, set GROW! See you in the seed aisles.