Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tomato Tornado II

Yes, this is the weekend of our second annual Tomato Tornado. Last year's event was a success, but we realized that we'd cut a few corners, not on the tomato plants, but on offering information about the individual varieties.
Take home a handout and check off your favorites
We have an updated handout featuring information on the tomatoes, including whether or not they are heirlooms, what colors, shape and size the mature fruit will be, what to expect with taste and other information to take home.
We've trialed many varieties in our own gardens
Each of the 66 varieties offered this year also has a sign indicating some of the same information. The aisle is set-up to be browsed, and the tomato information is easy to compare to allow our gardeners to make sound decisions. And, two of our favorite tomato aficionados, Dotty and Sheila, are available for questions and advice.
Plant benches full of tomato transplants

If you love tomatoes and are curious about growing them, this is the weekend for you to explore our tremendous selection. Our farm greenhouses have delivered the plants. About half of our tomato plants will just be available until we sell out, but, don't worry. If you are unable to check in with us this weekend, we will continue to have almost 40 varieties that are grown in in Valley View Farms' own greenhouses. In the meantime, enjoy growing your plants. Here are some recipes provided for us last year by Chef Tom Schwarzweller.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

March Madness Continues Into April

We've experienced our own March Madness this season at Valley View Farms. With temperatures going back and forth from freezing to the mid-eighties, our gardeners are as confused as our plants.
An April freeze had us running sprinklers to protect tender growth

Luckily, both always seem to know how to handle the weather, and our perennials, pansies, tree and shrubs are looking beautiful in the garden center for our customers.
Cool weather vegetable plants can handle the low temperature
 Having lost one of our growing greenhouse to that thirty-inch snowfall back in January,
our farm greenhouses have reset and are busy growing many of our vegetables, annuals and beautiful hanging baskets in the remaining eleven greenhouses.

John, Ryan and Vernon got an early start growing our young transplants at the farm greenhouses
One 30" January snowfall crushed a large greenhouse
  An early Easter, coupled with some above average temperatures, brought many people out early this season looking for color for their gardens. We're happy to have so many plants from which they may choose.
Pansies have been enjoying the cooler temperatures

Our garden shop has been checking soil temperatures to be able to accurately let customers know when to plant grass seed, prevent weeds, and get lawns in shape for spring.  The nursery is recovering from some freezing temperatures last week, and our planting crew is busy installing trees and shrubs in area landscapes.
Early Spring in Maryland is always a little challenging, but with our dedicated staff, great growers and suppliers, we are ready for this season to get underway. Thanks to all of our employees, vendors and our customers for their continued support.