Monday, October 13, 2014

Why are Our Plants So Healthy?

John Miller has been our grower at our growing range in Hydes, Maryland since 1991.
Early spring 

 Each year, John orders plants and seeds to be started at our farm greenhouses, grows them on in one of 12 greenhouses (and one huge mum field), and sometimes even delivers the plants to the store. He has help from Vernon, Barb and several seasonal members of our team in Hydes.

John and his right-hand man,Vernon, grow poinsettias.

 I'm a tad biased, but it is my opinion that our vegetable plants, flowering hanging baskets, flowering annuals, pansies, mums and poinsettias are the healthiest, best-looking plants available to area gardeners. How does he do it?

John works seven days a week for a good portion of the calendar year. He is married to Tracy and has two beautiful girls, Madelyn and Meredith.
Miller family vacation 2014

 Both daughters have an incredible knowledge of plants. Guess where John went to college?
I'm betting his life keeps him pretty busy. So, what does he do to relax? He runs! Not a little bit, either. He is currently training to run in the Baltimore Marathon slated for Saturday, October 18. At a bit over 40 years old, he appears to be very healthy and happy. I guess that's part of the reason that the plants he grows thrive as well.
On the NCR Trail

John, all of us at Valley View Farms are pulling for you to have a great run on Saturday. We're proud of you and the plants that you provide to our garden center. I'll try not to call a plant order in until later Sunday morning.