Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Seminars and Workshops 2020 Winter Edition

Learn and play with lots of houseplants as our workshops move indoors. Here is a list of events coming up in January and February. No need to sign up just yet. The classes are free to attend; if creating a planter, attendees will be charged for materials. Classes are on Saturdays unless noted otherwise.
Orchids and other houseplants will be featured this winter

January 25, 9 am Plant a Pot of Succulents Our locally grown plants are available in many shapes, textures and shades of blue and green. Plant up your own pot with Cindi's guidance. The average project price includes pot, soil and 5 succulents---$30.

January 25, 11 am Plant a Kokodama Ball  Plant a moss ball with a houseplant of your choosing, following Jen and Cindi's guidelines. We will place the plants in muck or soil, then wrap them in moss. The average price ---$15-$20.

February 1, 9 am Bonsai Care and Feeding is the subject of this month's bonsai class. Our leader, Martha, will also discuss propagation and our featured plant, Chamaecyparis.

February 1, 11 am Orchid Care and Repotting will be demonstrated by Eric. Bring in your own orchid and we will lend a helping hand. (one per attendee) A small fee will be charged for orchid potting mix.

February 8, 9 am Potted Gardens and Terrariums for Valentine's Day is a fun project for children and adults. We'll use heart-shaped leaves and red and pink flowers to create a themed planter. The average cost should be under $30.

February 8, 11 am  Mini Dish Gardens Workshop Cindi hosts this class on making a dish garden, sharing tips on designs and planting. Choose plants, moss, and containers for under $30.

February 15, 9 am Tillandsia Workshop Airplants have landed! Join Eric and Jen for some great project ideas using tillandsias. Then, make your own! Most tillandsias cost $3.99.

February 15, 11 am Steps to Repot a Houseplant Why, when, where and how to repot a houseplant are subjects covered in today's class. Bring in 1 plant that you'd like to have repotted, or watch as we re-home other plants.

February 22, 9 am What's New in Houseplants and Tropicals? Houseplants and tropicals plants are HOT! Learn about the new varieties coming to us from our Florida growers this year. Eric and Suzanne have returned from Florida with some fabulous information.

February 22, 11 am Fiddle-leaved Figs and other Fabulous Ficus Ficus continue to be popular with houseplant enthusiasts. Learn more about how to care from them from ficus expert Eric.

February 29, 9 am Monstera Mash-up Monsteras and other philodendrons are all the rage. Learn about this easy-to-grow group of plants. Eric will include tips on care and pruning.

February 29, 11 am Seed Starting Donna will teach us how and when to start seeds as we get ready for our vegetable and flower gardens. She will also direct us to our large seed selection to discuss how best to choose varieties perfect for our gardens.