Sunday, October 20, 2019

Finding the Right Plants with Valley View Farms' Plant Finder

Do you know about the new feature on our website that will help gardeners find the right plant for the right place in their landscape? Take a tour through our Plant Finder, a fantastic tool and resource that gives gardeners one more great way to find that perfect plant.
Six of the 20 categories on Plant Finder
Look up, research, view photos and browse through pictures and descriptions of thousands of plants in over 20 categories. Know the common name, but not the botanical one? Plant Finder is here to help. Have an idea of the plant characteristics that will fit into the landscape? Enter them to create a list of suitable plants. Print a custom list and stop by our store in season to see, touch, feel and smell the plants. We will not have all the plants all the time; a phone call or visit will confirm if we have what you're looking for on a particular day. And, we get new plants all the time that may have not been updated on our Plant Finder.
We're crazy about signs. Every variety of annual, perennial, herb, houseplant, tree, shrub, vegetable, tropical plant, and water plant has a custom-made sign at Valley View Farms. 
Take a look at our fantastic signage in-store to get even more information and talk to our very knowledgeable staff to put it all together.
Ben is here to help, rain or shine
The gardening season may be ending, but the next several months is the perfect time to use Valley View Farms' Plant Finder to browse, learn and be inspired to plan and plant the landscape in Spring 2020! Try Plant Finder and tell us what you think.