Sunday, July 26, 2015

Water Wonders

This time of year, our water gardens are in full bloom. Water lilies are flowering and the mysterious lotus is showing buds, open flowers and small lotus pods.


We need to look a little closer for some other interesting plants, including floating and marginal plants that grow in the pond as well.

This year, we were able to get Mosaic plants, also known as Ludwigia sedioides. What a cool plant! The Mosaic plant is a floater. Stems can be potted in an aquatic soil and placed 4-8 inches deep. The floating rosettes, with their red and green leaves, will make their way to the surface, eventually covering an area about 2 feet in circumference.
Mosaic rosette
 By doing so, the Mosaic plant is able to protect Koi and other fish from predators and help keep algae levels down in the pond.
Ludwigia sedioides is a tropical plant, native to Venezuela and Brazil. It is  hardy in USDA zones 9-11. Here in zone 7, we treat Mosaic plant as an annual. It will get a small yellow cup-shaped flower during the summer months.
Dainty yellow cup-shaped flowers
Plant in half-day to full sun.
Mosaic plants are at home in a pond, but can also be floated in a large container water feature.

The water gardens, and the butterfly gardens that surround the ponds, are looking good. Stop in; relax, browse, and be inspired.

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