Friday, July 17, 2015

PLANT OF THE WEEK: Quickfire™ Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are looking particularly beautiful this year, on our nursery lot and in gardens throughout our area. It seems like the perfect time to talk about these wonderful shrubs. John Collins and I just returned from filming several Sunday Gardener episodes that we were able to do on location at a property in Parkton, MD. The owners, Andy and Kristen, have planted over 50 hydrangeas along the perimeter of their wooded areas.
A perfect setting for hydrangeas
 They are blooming in all their glory right now! Lacecaps, mopheads, oakleaf types; you name it, they are spectacular. We brought a Quickfire™ hydrangea with us for the shoot to talk about planting, pruning, and to show how blooms can age gracefully providing color for several seasons. Upon returning to the store, we spotted this beauty, potted in a large container at our driveway's entrance.

One of the planted large containers at Valley View's entrance

You can see how the bloom ages from a bright white to a pink color. By fall, the bloom will be rosy-red, providing just the right hue for the season.

White deepens to pink and eventually a rosy red

Quickfire™ Hydrangea is a Proven Winners shrub
Give hydrangeas plenty of space. The Quickfire™ can grow over 8 feet tall and wide. They can be grown in hedges, but I prefer to see these shapely shrubs set apart from one another. Prune this variety in late winter to early spring as it blooms on new wood. Provide at least a half day of sun; Quickfire™ will thrive in full sun as well. This hydrangea is adaptable to various soil conditions and will grow as well in urban areas as it has in Andy's rural landscape.
Maybe one will find a new home in my yard!

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