Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot

A look to the weather forecast this week reveals that we're in for another hot spell! For those of us that garden, that can only mean more watering chores.
Container gardeners should check their pots daily for water. Flower and vegetable gardeners with garden plots can put a rain gauge out; most of the garden would like an inch of water a week. Water at the root zone to avoid splashing water on plants' leaves. Pictured above are Billy's beans being watered by a garden hose connected to a soil soaker hose with straw over the top to retain moisture. It is better to water early in the day to allow foliage to dry out before evening. Give plants enough water to encourage plants to root deeply; watering lightly will keep the roots too close to the surface causing them to dry out faster.
Most lawns will go dormant for the summer, giving us a break from mowing.
Check the garden center for all sorts of watering tools and supplies, from hoses and rain wands to automatic drip watering systems.

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