Monday, June 28, 2010

PLANT OF THE WEEK: Panama Pacific Tropical Water Lily

Tropical water lilies offer fragrance and beauty to the water garden all summer long. Varieties like Panama Pacific, introduced in the United States in 1914, bloom in a reddish-purple color not available in hardy lilies. Their stems extend up from the water's surface. The flower's yellow stamens contrast nicely with the purplish petals. The Panama Pacific's bronze-green leaves float on the pond, showing off it's saw-toothed edges.
The Panama Pacific is just one of the many water lilies blooming now in our ponds at Valley View Farms. Our large, informal pond has a gorgeous lotus just starting to open. The display ponds are located at the end of our entrance and are surrounded by an incredible butterfly garden.
We offer seminars in the spring and fall for water garden enthusiasts. Check our seminar schedule for more information.

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