Sunday, December 8, 2019

Gifts for Gardeners 2019 Edition

We're gardeners at Valley View Farms. All ages, types, interests; some of us like container gardening, others have beautiful landscapes, some shaded, some not. A few do mash-ups of potted plants, fun sculptures, water gardens, and traditional landscaping. What we all have in common is that we love tools, gadgets, apparel, more plants and cool stuff for our garden. We're easy to shop for, but we've put a few things together that might make the perfect gift for your gardening friend.

  • Christmas ornaments----personalized. We love these! Plants, wheelbarrows, greenhouses, you name it!
  • Pruners and gloves; I'm always leaving them somewhere. Gloves have such cute patterns! Buying for a man?
    Every gardener needs pruners and gloves

  • Birding things, like feeders, cool birdbaths, and bat houses, are great add-ins to the garden to attract pollinators.
How about a bat house? Natures own insect control 

  • Gardening aids are used by this blogger who has bad knees, to say the least. Kneelers, seats, and ergonomic tools are very useful as we age.
Flip it over and it's a garden seat!
  • Bulbs, like amaryllis, are fun and a great way to instill confidence in a new gardener. Huge bulbs yield huge, gorgeous blooms in 4-8 weeks. Pair with a container for a lovely gift. 
  • Lights to grow all year long are wonderful gifts. Seed starting, propagating plants, and keeping existing plants happy are some useful ways to use lights!
Houseplant enthusiasts need these!
  • Garden apparel is always welcome. Keeping healthy by shielding oneself from the hot, summer sun is always a good idea. Pair with some Sloggers gardening shoes. Just hose them off after a day of gardening. 
  • Garden art, including fountains, statuary and wall hangings, are fun add-ons to the garden. Some are quirky, others, like the Japanese style pagoda, are classics. 
    Classic garden art
  • I love books about gardening. Timber Press offers a wide variety of gardening publications. 
  • Last, but certainly not least, gardeners love plants. This time of year, houseplants and holiday plants are the stars of the greenhouse. Our crew can help with selection, potting and customizing the perfect plant for a home or office. Or, consider a Valley View Farms Gift Card to give your favorite gardener one more reason to anticipate spring. 

Enjoy gift-giving this holiday season. And stop in to browse our Christmas Shop and all of our other departments for a fun, relaxing outing. We're open every day from 7am-9pm. 


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