Friday, December 14, 2018

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

 Three of us go to Longwood Gardens every year to celebrate our friendship. This year, we found some Christmas trees we may have to try to replicate next year in our greenhouse here at Valley View Farms. While I love my own tree and the hundreds that surround me at work each day, the displays we saw at Longwood kept us clicking our iPhones with the new ideas we encountered.

Birdhouse tree with smaller trees to the side, decorated with seedheads and other bird feed

Paper trees in the music room

Orchid tree overhead

Loved the protea and ginger

Beautiful use of natural materials

Tillandsia trees are always a personal favorite

Tillandsia trees mimic the conifers on the outside

Roses and ivy

Pilea, pepperomia, and lysmachia add contrast and color

Simply poinsettias

Christmas Tree Spaceships?

We loved the trees at Longwood, and are sure to return for next year's displays. Like our own Christmas Shop, it is fun to spot the new displays while still treasuring the older ones.  
Enjoy the holiday season, with an outing with friends to the local botanical gardens, or a drive to see the area's beautiful outdoor light displays. 
Merry Christmas!

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