Friday, June 26, 2015

PLANT OF THE WEEK: Gomphrena Pink Zazzle ™

Gomphrena Pink Zazzle in a mixed container

Mid to late summer blooming flowers need to be tough. They have to go through periods of drought, play well with others in mixed borders and containers and look good for the occasional summer barbecue when guests arrive. Gomphrena Pink Dazzle does not disappoint.

Gomphrena Pink Zazzle is a Proven Winners branded plant

Grow gomphrena in full to part sun. Pink Zazzle is a bit of a sprawler, so give it about 16" of space in a garden bed or plant it towards the edge of pots. The stiff, bristly bloom holds up for a very long time. The plant itself is drought tolerant and attractive to pollinators, including butterflies and hummingbirds.

Pink Zazzle in a pot at the edge of a garden bed greeted guests at a party held at Billy and Kay's house

We first saw this gomphrena in 2013 and decided to plant some up in pots for Breast Cancer Awareness that fall. We have the Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure in our area. The Pink Zazzle bloomed very well through September and October, enjoying the cooler fall months. Expect reliable bloom from June through October in Zone 7.

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