Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving Plants

Thanksgiving decorations usually count on mums and pumpkins to be the center of attention. Gourds, Indian corn, and corn fodder make their way into the celebration , but here are some other plants that are seasonally available in November.

Thanksgiving cactus, aka known as Christmas cactus, usually bloom by mid-November, These plants are truly easy to care for as they thrive on benign neglect, often lasting for decades in the home.

Cyclamen bloom in non-traditional colors for Thanksgiving, but are terrific for adding color, especially in a cool, bright, window. With the first day of Chanukah falling on Thanksgiving this year, a white cyclamen may be the perfect gift for the holiday host.

White hydrangeas are another nontraditional choice, offering a neutral color that will transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas according to the pot in which it is displayed.

Brace yourselves! Poinsettias for Thanksgiving? They really do come in an awesome orange color. This one has been 'dressed up' for the occasion with bits of glitter.

And, Ravens fans have not been forgotten. These painted purple poinsettias may be the perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving and cheer for the home team as they face off against the Steelers on Thursday night.

Jerusalem cherries have been a hit with our greenhouse staff this year. The small, pepper-like fruits start out green then turn to yellow/orange.

Gift baskets are always fun to make up with a collection of foliage and flowering plants. Add a gourd here and there for a table centerpiece. And, as Christmas approaches, Fall color can be replaced with bright Christmas hues.

Enjoy Thanksgiving with your families. We will be closed so that we may celebrate with ours. And, know that we are thankful for your continued support of our garden center. Thank you.

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