Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bonsai-Fun for the Whole Family

This year, I gave a Bonsai tree to each of my nieces and nephews as a Christmas gift. Most were delighted, if not a little intimidated by the prospect of keeping a plant alive. They were also given a very basic book with instructions on how to grow Bonsai and a tip to attend the free class for beginners on January 8th at 9:00 here at Valley View Farms.
Vicky, Katie and Matt Florian with their Bonsai trees

A group of bonsai enthusiasts, led by Martha from Meehan's Miniatures, meets here on the first Saturday of every month. Seminars are held on various Bonsai topics allowing participants to bring their trees with them with any questions or concerns. The classes are open for everyone, but the cool thing is that a number of the people attend almost every month, and have for years. Seeing the projects that they are working on is a testament to their passion and commitment to growing these unique plants. The class is a great way to learn about Bonsai from not just Martha, but from many others who enjoy mentoring and supporting one another.

I hope to see a few of members of my family at this week's class, and, if you're looking for a fun, new hobby, please join us.

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