Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Traditions

 The lighted sign went up the other day. For forty-eight years Valley View Farms has been a part of the Cockeysville landscape. The Christmas Shop has been a huge part of Baltimore's holiday celebration for decades.
 Traditions have become part of that landscape too. Greeting shoppers at the entrance is a pleasure as guest after guest recounts stories of how their parents brought them here as children and they are now bringing their kids (and sometimes grand kids) here to pick out a special ornament. Babies gaze at the lights in the ceiling and toddlers just stare in absolute wonderment. Older children look for an ornament that symbolizes their interests; they may choose a ballerina, fireman, or an ornament of Santa himself.
Three generations in the Christmas Shop

He wants crabs for Christmas

In an otherwise frenzied holiday season, we feel a sense of pride knowing that we have played a role in Christmas traditions.
This weekend will bring families out to choose the perfect tree, or maybe to get strands of lights for the house.
Netting the family tree for the ride home

Poinsettias will be sleeved in paper to protect them from the cold. Live garlands will be cut to specific lengths to drape over doorways and banisters. Christmas carols play over the loud speaker and people will find themselves singing along. Kids will be bundled up as they arrive and re-bundled as they go outside. Ornaments will be personalized for Grandma, Uncle Ed and the family pet.
Carey W. adds the personal touch
Everyone will stop and take a look at the village display. Couples will argue about whether or not it's time to get an artificial tree. At five, someone will go around and turn on the colorful outdoor light display.
Sometimes we take working here for granted. But, when you see the look of astonishment in someone's eyes here for the first time, the magic of Christmas returns.

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