Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sneak Preview: Heucheras

One of the many upsides of establishing great relationships with growers is that we often get the first look at new plants. Andy Shelley, our perennial manager, visits our growers weekly to buy the best and, when practical, the newest perennials available. (For a funny photo of Andy, visit the Valley View Farms website.)  New introductions are placed in our sales area as they arrive giving our patrons equal opportunity to try some really cool varieties. Our perennial staff, including Marian, Pat, Jan, Peggy, Jay, Max and Margie, go gaga over the new plants as they arrive every week.

Jan, Pat, Andy and Jay show off some of the heucheras available at Valley View Farms.

Heucheras are one group of plants that keep improving. The foliage colors are fantastic and the new plants' names are fun. Names like Midnight Bayou, Solar Power, Electric Lime and Autumn Leaves describe the heucheras beautifully. Take a look at this cool collage for an idea of the leaf colors available.

Photo courtesy of Terra Nova Nursery

Dan Heims, the owner of Terra Nova Nurseries in Oregon, has been breeding perennials for years. He has over fifty varieties of heucheras listed in the nursery's catalog. Terra Nova supplies growers with starter plants; the grower then finishes the plant providing a healthy specimen ready to thrive in our perennial gardens.
Heuchera, also known as coral bells, is a very versatile plant, growing well in sun and part shade. Our staff and customers love that heuchera is at home in a garden bed or in a container. We also enjoy using them in combination with summer and fall annuals and perennials like mums and ornamental grasses.
If you're in the neighborhood, stop in and take a look at the many heucheras on our benches. Better yet, walk around the plant area and see which plants combine well with the stunning foliage. There are sure to be a few container gardens to inspire you. In the meantime, take a look at these container gardens from Terra Nova.


  1. Is the variety in the second photo called Fall Leaves?

  2. Melissa, I'm not sure. This post was some time ago. Most of the varieties of heuchera can be seen on the website. Thanks for your interest.